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CASE STUDY: Otago Chamber of Commerce


Otago Chamber of Commerce office manager Fiona Gray put considerable time and effort into researching a suitable database management system for its wide range of member organisations before deciding on OutreachCRM. 

As a membership organisation, the Chamber is not your usual sales-oriented company. The way it uses a database is therefore different and Fiona found that other CRM systems she investigated weren’t able to manage information in the way that the Chamber’s multiple users needed.


Fiona needed a system that could target and communicate with selected groups of members. It needed to be accessible by anyone on the staff and eradicate the problem of duplicate information being recorded in different places.

OutreachCRM, being intuitive and easy to use, encourages staff to use the database in their daily work routine and to keep information updated. It also enables the Chamber to produce better looking emails and newsletters. Fiona receives regular programme updates and add-ons as they are developed and can call on the Outreach team to add fields and templates on demand.

Fiona says OutreachCRM also makes running events easy as it can record registrations and send out email updates and reminders, a considerable saving of time for staff. OutreachCRM has been positively accepted by staff members, most of whom are now using it as part of their day-to-day tasks. They have, Fiona says, taken to it very well. “The Outreach team were very approachable and their being just around the corner was a bonus for us in the project. They are easy to talk to, quickly understood what I was trying to achieve and managed to solve most of the challenges we put to them,” recalls Fiona. She is confident that the investment in OutreachCRM will allow the Chamber to move forward and be able to deal with communicating with members in a more strategic and efficient way.