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Your information in one place.


Get control of your business, store contact information, manage client interactions, send targeted email or text campaigns and track jobs or projects on the go.



Easily add, manage & track all the info you need about your contacts, customers, members or donors.

  • Keep track of the people you do business with.

  • Share information across the whole office.

  • Separate your individual contact info from their organisation.


Build a profile

Capture the information important & relevant to your business with custom fields. 

  • Record data as drop-down lists, free text, multi- choice or date fields.

  • Group or tag your contacts into categories to create contact lists, identify target markets, or communicate groups.

  • Connect your contacts & define the relationship.



Use Notes to track client history, office activity, actions made:

  • Automatic date-stamped & author signed notes.

  • Schedule reminder emails for easy follow-up.

  • Attach multiple files e.g. estimates, proposals, agreements.

  • Email your notes to your team or contacts.

Email Marketing
It's not just about recording your business information -
it's about finding what you need, when you need it. 

Use your data

Easily access relevant and recurring searches by: time period, client, category, or note content. 

  • Save searches for future use & export results into a spreadsheet for your own analysis.

  • Customised, complex reports can be built specifically for your business, if required.

Create smart, professional emails and send text messages for easy communication with your contact groups.

Send email messages to groups

Create & track email-marketing campaigns by communicating with your specific category groups. Customised message templates enable you to send personalised, professional messages.

  • Monitor open rates, forwards, views online, attachments and links opened.

  • Bounce and Unsubscribe Reports.

  • Complies with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.


Connect to your contacts with SMS

Send text messages online using our SMS Module. Engage with your contacts to send event reminders, quote updates and more directly to their mobiles.

​*Texting Module set up & per text rates apply. Contact us for current rates.

Create a comprehensive solution for your business, enabling you to "connect the dots" between your business processes and third party applications.

Add-On Modules

Whether it's tracking projects or support issues, keeping time sheets or running events there's an OutreachCRM module to fit your needs — and if it's not quite what you're looking for we can tailor it to suit.

  • Membership Management

  • Events

  • SMS Messaging

  • Job Tracking

  • Price Books

  • Items - for those items specific to your business e.g Products, Licences, Properties

Customisation & scalability

You need a CRM system to grow with your organisation. Our team of in-house database experts can design and develop custom features for your OutreachCRM to track the specific information your organisation requires.

OutreachCRM can be developed to offer customised


  • Reports

  • Message Templates

  • Membership Sign up Forms

  • Event Registration Forms

  • Online RSVP and Confirmation emails

  •  Job Cards & Service Sheets

  • Online Checklists

  • Whatever it is you need to run your business better.



The OutreachCRM API allows for seamless integration with third party solutions. Display forms for email subscription, capture other contact information on your website or integrate with your accounting package to minimise data entry and push and pull data between systems. 

  • Websites

  • Xero

  • Samsung Exchange

  • Google Apps

  • Vend

  • Constant Contact

  • Mailchimp


Based right here in NZ, all OutreachCRM solutions are hosted on NZ soil, using dedicated servers.

If you need us, simply give us a call phone or flick us an email.
We're in NZ, working the same business hours as you!

Making sure you are confident using OutreachCRM to produce results is important to us. On-site & remote training options are available to help you understand key concepts, core functionality, and tips & tricks to get the most out of your investment.

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