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CASE STUDY: Mexi-Foods (NZ) Limited


Olé Molé! Here's a good story...


Mexi-Foods NZ Ltd is New Zealand’s largest supplier and distributor of Mexican food items. A husband-and-wife business, it is based in Dunedin but sells nationally and into the Pacific Islands.


Owner Greg Glendining says the company needed to be brought into the modern era. It required more efficient systems and processes to remain competitive and to enable Greg the time to go out selling and meeting with clients.

The couple are not technology-savvy and needed a system they could both understand and use easily.


OutreachCRM was set up so that it would interact with the accounting package Xero. It allows Mexi-Foods to keep track of the numerous price points for each of its products and develop a price book for clients who enjoy preferred rates for bulk buying.

The outcomeThe system can be adapted proficiently for larger customers and routine paperwork now takes less time. Eleanor Glendining, who processes the orders, is able go into the spec price book without having to carry out multi-searches as she did in the past. Greg reports that while it creates more paper, accuracy levels are up to 150% better and this has had a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.


“Outreach has made life a hell of a lot easier. It’s modernised the business, taken the pressure off Eleanor and generally reduced stress levels.” Greg Glendining