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CASE STUDY: Mobility Solutions Centre


Mobility Solutions Centre is a Dunedin-based supplier of disability equipment.

Three businesses in one, it carries out repairs and services equipment, retails
and directly imports goods. This makes it highly complex in terms of the large
number of products and parts staff work with.

The issue
Managing Director Shanon Arnold says keeping track of parts and inventory used
to be a monumental problem, with the company typically losing $30,000 worth of
warranty parts a year. As well, chasing up parts and suppliers was difficult because
the company’s existing system didn’t allow it to future-book tasks for certain dates. 
Admin tasks were time-consuming with the high potential for error.


The solution
Outreach CRM is a fully customised CRM package which allows businesses to keep track of all their information and data online and in one place. It can be accessed by line staff which saves on admin staff time and cost. In Mobility Solutions’ case, the program allows it to control stock inventory, link into the Xero accounting package, run the payroll, send out marketing newsletters and maintain up-to-date retail price lists.

The result
Moving to OutreachCRM has saved Mobility Systems two full-time admin positions across its three branches. Shanon Arnold says the system is easy to use and even staff who might otherwise have difficulty can manage it without trouble. He also reports improved time management, better service for his clients, plus the ability to add on extra modules to the system whenever they are needed.

The ability to track jobs by area has saved servicing and billing time as multiple jobs can be carried out in a particular part of town on the same day. Initially installed in its main office, OutreachCRM has now been rolled out to the company’s other branches.

“Now that we have the systems – I would never look at anything else.”  Shanon Arnold.



Managing Director Shanon Arnold

(03) 477 7195